INADA STUDIO is a creative studio with the unique ability to reach both today's youth markets and the general consumer on the very personal peer level.
Acting as a creative think tank we're able to capitalize on our multi-cultural DNA by first dissecting a creative challenge from many different vantage points. Having understood the clients needs, purpose, and market we then apply our acute sense of trends and cultural shifts to a dynamic and precise concept driven design that can capture and engage the audience.

INADA STUDIO's approach to design is a basic one. We believe good ideas make for powerful design and masterful execution allows for clear communication. Our multi cultural environment drives a liberated method of the creative process and leads to inspired design and open collaboration. Which in the end benefits not only the clients but our designers as well.

concept planning is where we start. visual is well rounded. and has purpose.


Executes all client relations, biz dev, and final creative execution for clients in the fields of feature film marketing and promotion, music business, brand development, online web site build design, direct/produce music video / animation, concept design for animated series, online web site build, and conceptual IP development.

Client list:

Nepenthes America, Engineered Garments, Lion Heart, Twentieth Century Fox (USA and Japan), MGM, MTV Japan, MTV Networks, SONY, Music World Entertainment (Beyonce), Spike DDB, Sunrise Animation (Japan), Capcom Japan, Shiseido USA, TAO Entertainment, Nerd Corps Entertainment, Titmouse animation, Riot Games.



Branding / Advertising / Design / Video / Animation

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