Japanese fashion brands NEEDLES and REEBOK CLASSICS collaborated to release a new version of BEATNIK shoes. Outdoor sandals were initially released in 1993. NEEDLES' iconic butterfly, Purple brand color, and Beatnik style are the vital elements of this short film. 
Client:  Nepenthes Japan, Reebok, Beams Japan
Directed/Produced:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Camera:  Julian Bass
Music:  Leon D Boykins
Model: Javier Cerqueira, 
Ayet Betty, 
Year:  2018
This scene was inspired by William S. Burroughs's work table setup.  The purple brand color was used for the object for a visual accent. Vintage Smith-Corona Typewriter was found on the auction site right before the shooting. Photo by Manabu Inada
Miles Davis influenced many Beatnik writers and culture. One of my favorite albums Is Kind of Blue.
Early concept drawing of a first imaginary scene. Concept art by Manabu Inada.

Drawing is used for the imaginary scene. Art by Manabu Inada.

Early concept drawing and storyboard. Concept art by Manabu Inada


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