It was right before the Year 2000. The marketing team decides to produce a new media kit. I was responsible for overall creative not only Online digital design, But also Print material of MTV's online division. I came up with a visual concept for the new dawn of the youth market and culture. It was a mix of Propaganda style bold visual, Russian constructivism, Revolution, and Music.
Girl with Guitar, Ready for the action of the music revolution. Model Photography by Zack Gold. Art Direction/Design by Manabu Inada.
Dawn of a New Music Revolution. Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix was inspiration of  this concept. Model Photography by Zack Gold. Art Direction/Design by Manabu Inada.
The package used a plain cardboard box with a silkscreen print. Size of the box is 12x12 inch (Yes, Vinyl album size). Notice a marketing reel is on VHS tape. FYI: DVD player was released from Pioneer in late 1999.

Main folder of  Media kit.

Booklet and Index Folder of each category.

Color proof print for WHAT WE STAND FOR section.

Early concept drawing for key visuals. Concept art by Manabu Inada.

Original studio photo of models. Photo by Zack Gold.

Stencil art of MTV Online logo. I was cutting out the cardboard during the studio photo session. (You can see the cardboard stencil on WHAT WE OFFER photo) 
Client: MTV Networks
Creative Director, Art Director, Designer: Manabu Inada
Model Photography: Zack Gold
Year: 1999


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