Image from Look book (Left) Photo by Jima. Quartet band graphic by Manabu Inada.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inspired by the Caribbean, particularly the themes of love and music. The collection drew inspiration from a number of musical genres such as salsa, mambo, rumba, cha-cha-cha, reggae, and rockers, as well as iconic musicians like Bob Marley, Cuba, Ry Cooder, Kid Creole & Coconuts, Jamaica, Trench Town, and Rasta. The Director and Head Designer of the brand, Daiki Suzuki, worked closely with the team to bring these creative concepts to life through the visual communication of the collection.

Client:  Nepenthes USA, Engineered Garments
Art Direction, Design, Illustration:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Year:  2018

Cover of Look book. Photo by Jima.

Original photo of Kingston graphic. Cut out the painted paper and glue it on the board. Photo by Manabu Inada.

Unused graphic of Love & Music 

Early concept drawing. Concept art by Manabu Inada


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