In 2019 fall, As soon as I finished various graphic artworks for Engineered Garments F/W 2020 collection, I started to direct and shoot a short film. The style of this latest collection,  "Balance and tune," is inspired by experimental jazz and Ivy league fashion. Myles Davis, Eric Dolphy, and John Coltrane think about their art form progression. Those progressive styles reflect the core concept for this short.
Brand:  Nepenthes America, Engineered Garments
Directed/Produced:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Music:  Leon D Boykins

Year:  2020

Leon D Boykins. Photo by Manabu Inada

Early concept sketch for the imaginary sequence.

The sculpture was made based on the graphics used for the garments for the latest collection.

Gray Sculpey was used for the modeling.


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