In the early spring of 2020, In the form of an exclusive capsule to be held at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo by way of the label’s shop-in-shop at the retailer. Daiki Suzuki, the head designer of Engineered Garments, asked me personally to create the graphic tees, hoodies, and Art posters for this capsule show. It was available at its dedicated space inside Isetan Shinjuku.
The short film titled "CITY NO END" was also released, accompanying the capsule.
The collage of motifs is a metaphor for the bustling lifestyle in New York City. The words “CITY NO END” are the artwork's central concept.  Silkscreen poster: "CITY NO END"  18"x 24"

Hoodie: Black print on Heather Gray.

The hoodie sees the image in a glossy black vinyl print on the black.

Asymmetry print on the side of the hood. Shipyard crane motive with the word "DEEDS NOT WORDS." 

T-Shirt design.

ENGINEERED GARMENTS Shop at Isetan Shinjuku Men's in Toyko, Japan. Photo by Rin Tatsuno.

The artworks and Garments are displayed with another participate artist Kenzo Minami and Mike Ming, during the show.

Comprehensive mockup design and layout variation for the hoodie. There's an alternative crane head design.

The first sample of the hoodie and note for a minor change.

Silkscreen poster was printed in a local printshop at Red Hook, Brooklyn, in New York. 

Early concept sketches.

Layout sketches of the graphic elements on the hoodie.

Client:  Nepenthes America, Engineered Garments
Art Direction, Design:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Year:  2020


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