Travel & Safari were key concepts for Engineered Garments SS 2015 collection. Head designer of brand Daiki Suzuki mentioned me 1996 film "The English Patient" and British military influenced garments. From there, I started concept making for the short film. I came up with a concept of a mix of British LRDG (Long Range Desert Group), And Homage of 70-80's outdoor brand catalog images.
Client:  Nepenthes USA, Engineered Garments
Directed/Produced:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Camera:  Steven Counts
Music:  Gaku
Year:  2015
Exclusive preview of spring summer collection was held in Nepenthes Shop in Hell's Kitchen. A rough cut of the video displayed on the wall during the preview party.
Miniature models and diorama were created for an imaginary sequence. 1/35 miniature figure was painted to match with Engineered Garments spring summer collection.

Early concept drawing and storyboard. Concept art by Manabu Inada


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