The Man with the Iron Fists is a 2012 American martial arts film directed by RZA. This is a prelude to the much-anticipated motion picture, detailing the story of how Blacksmith, played by RZA, landed in China via a Dutch trading ship. Start with overall Art direction, and set tone and manner for movies first. Then, lead character artist,  compositor, and editing team for production. I did shot numerous live effects with DSLR camera to add old scroll feeling. Brushstroke character by Chase Conley, Xiongliang Li, was done by digital paint.
Client: Universal Pictures, Machinima
Directed:  RZA
Art Director/Composite director:  Manabu Gaku Inada   
Animation Director:  Eric Calderon
Character design:  Chase Conley
Illustration:  Chase Conley, Xiongliang Li, Connie Wong
Compositors:  Trevor Von Klueg
Assistant Compositor:  Moises Jimenez
Audio mix:  Rick Santizo
Year:  2012  
The last sequence of the movie was composite and edited personally by Manabu Inada himself.

fig.1 Liquid effects start from the right side of the frame.

fig. 2 Tiger command blend in the screen on positive space.

fig. 3 Negative space appear on the left.

fig.4 Tiger Command morphs into Brass Body. Part of Blacksmith / The Man with the Iron Fists's face appears in negative space on the left.
fig.5 Blacksmith / The Man with the Iron Fists's face appear in negative space on the left, and part of negative space portray the part of his head.

fig. 6 large liquid from right wiped out the screen, And reveal brush stroke black Sumi ink.

fig.7 Brush stroke becomes a landscape and sea horizon. A trading ship sails slowly in distance.

All of the effects were shot with a Canon DSLR camera. Sumi ink into the water. Photo by Manabu Inada.

All of the effects were shot with a Canon DSLR camera. A brush stroke of Sumi ink. Photo by Manabu Inada.


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