In 2020 early spring. Right before the city-wide pandemic lockdown, I watched the film "Lighthouse," directed by Robert Egger, at the theater. That day I swung by my friend Daiki's office and chatted with him. I was talking about the Black and white film I just watched. It was dark, turbulent, and haunting film noir. And also how excellent all the garment lighthouse keepers wear in the movie. A year after, Daiki told me that film stuck in his mind, and he was thinking about the theme of a lighthouse keeper for the fall-winter collection. I got involved in visual development, artwork for print, and textiles.
Brand:  Nepenthes America, Engineered Garments
Director/Producer:  Manabu Gaku Inada
Year:  2021

Main visual of Engineered Garments Fall / Winter 2022 Collection. Composite of Miniature model and multiple effects layer. 

Diorama set up in front of LCD screen. A miniature model was created from drawing actual artwork from the collection.

Engineered Garments Fall / Winter 2022 Lookbook.

The nautical map visual was shot on the layer of glasses with transparent print.

Concept sketches of the shooting plan.

Siren (Right) from greek mythology. A Shot was taken of a transparent print in the water tank.

A limited number of Black and White version of the lookbook was printed for the trade show.


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